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, whichever one passes, whichever one gets the most votes, that is the one that basically becomes the law. so, people actually don't have to choose. >> arun, did you want to respond to what the senator said? >> again, when you're looking at these initiatives, the question is, which one projects a productive and positive vision of the future? and the way that they've taken 30, essentially is to say, in a budget, right, our california budget, about 50% is education. but all the cuts, 100% of the cuts are going to come from public education. that doesn't necessarily make sense. and, again, you know, when you look at sacramento and there are a lot of great and deeply honorable folks in sacramento, like the senator, but what they have done over the last few years is increase funding for the prison system, while they've been cutting the heck out of the schools. so, you know, again, when you have an option of fixing what is truly a fundamental problem for our state, which is our education system, for my perspecti perspective, 38 is a better option. i'm not saying, for people that are voting for both
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3 (some duplicates have been removed)